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All You Need To Know About Buy Hexylone Cocaine.

Buy Hexylone Cocaine. Buy Hexylone Cocaine. from the nice supplier for RC and cannabinoids. N-ethyl Hexylone is a clothier drug meant for research and forensic analysis !!! This effective and addictive substance isn’t some thing to be wasted, N-ethyl Hexylone is abused, offered, traded, and ate up for each recreational and research use through tens […]

Isotonitazene: The Latest Substance to Be Banned in the European Union

By Keith Williams, Ph.D. – Business Manager, Analytical Standards Europe, Cayman Chemical On September 2, 2020, the European Commission announced that it was introducing a ban on the sale of isotonitazene.1 A novel analgesic, isotonitazene has been reported in at least five member states, and there have been reported deaths in Canada and the US as well as Europe due […]